Wednesday, 27 September 2017

2017 Elections


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Is the election important in my life?

‘I have a part to play in the Aotearoa/New Zealand Elections.’ Discuss
Yes I do, I can say things that might influence adults to change their decision
What effect does an election have on the life of myself and other New Zealanders?
A major effect, for if Jacinda Ardern won the election, I would partially get free education

Predict the outcome of our general election in September. Explain why you think this.
National wins, just going off of the most recent polls that have been put through.

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Explain the purpose of a parliament.
To lead a nation and make a decision based on a majority
Explain the idea of democracy and how it connects to decisions that are made in New Zealand.
Democracy is the idea that everyone gets to have a say in something and a majority will decide what wins, we use democracy to choose our PM
Explain why people should be allowed to vote in an election.

Being Democratic second (second to constitutional monarchy) we have to let people vote in our elections as that is how democracy works

Explain who has been historically discriminated against within our voting system.
John Key, after he pulled a woman hair

Why is there a general electoral roll and a Māori roll?
So that we can choose a Māori representative should some choose to be on the Māori roll
Explain why some people do not want to vote in an election.
Some people don’t see it as something they want to do or don’t see it as necessary

Identify why some people have difficulty voting in an election.
They don’t know who they want to vote for in the election
Explain what might happen if there was only one choice about who was in charge of our government/country.
People would start becoming unhappy and lose faith in our leaders

Compare another type of government system to ours. E.g. Democratic and dictatorship.
Capitalism vs Communism
Ca - everything is privately run and owned for profit
Co - Everything is owned by a group of people for work

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Define what government means?
Government is something that makes the rules and leads
Describe government.
A government leads it’s nation
Describe ways in which people can make decisions.
What to wear
Identify how the government of Aotearoa / New Zealand is different from the way in which our school is governed?
They vote for who works in government, in school it’s just hire
Describe who makes up our parliament. (The structure.)
Queen, G. General, PM, MPs, Political Parties
Describe why some people chose to stand for parliament.
So that they can make the rules and be at the top of a nation
Define what democracy and voting mean?
Democracy is a system that means that people choose who is at the top
List some of the strengths and weaknesses of a democracy.
S: People always have a say in it everything
W:If you get a strong leader, they can be swept away and not be able to lead again
Describe the issues that New Zealanders might think are important when choosing the person they will vote for in an election.
What issues they want to tackle, whether or not they would be a good leader, what they plan on doing, how they tackle those issues

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What groups do I belong to? Children

What groups do adults belong to? Adults
Who makes the decisions/rules for the groups I belong to? Me

Who makes the rules/laws for our country? The Government
How do people participate in our elections? We need to know more about the many ways in which people are involved in the election process… not just the candidate and the voter.

Why do people participate in our elections?

What and where are polling booths? This was new learning for most of us.
What do rights and responsibilities mean?
What does election mean?

We think that ‘election’ means a political system of choosing by voting.

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I have no knowledge of the Aotearoa/New Zealand election or system of government.

I do not know what it means to belong to a group.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Party Pamphlet

We have to create a pamphlet for our political party using “Canva”. We need to think about layout, and readability.  We need to include at least two policies, information about our leadership and participants. We need to include our slogan and logo.

✓ Name of party
✓ ID leaders
✓ Slogan
✓ Deliberate use of colour
✓ Photo of party politicians
✓ Clear to read/see
✓ No overlap (layout)
✓ Logo
✓ Contact Details
✓ Policies x2
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.28.13 AM.png
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.27.27 AM.png

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Nuclear War Writing

Show an increasing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.

Context: Rotary Speech Competition and the New Zealand Elections

Success Criteria: we will have met our learning intentions when we can

  • Plan our speech using Coggle
  • Construct texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language, and text form.
  • Convey and sustain personal voice where appropriate.
  • Write and film our own version of a “edTalk” to share with our peers.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Matariki World Cloud

We are learning to present our thinking and ideas in a range of ways.  
Context: Matariki
We will have been successful when we have gathered our vocabulary around Matariki and presented it in a word cloud on our learning blog.

We went to to build our word clouds.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dragon Maths Statistics Investigation

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Develop an understanding of how to use a tally chart and a frequency table.
  • Use a spreadsheet to record our tally / frequency data.
  • Correctly develop a graph or chart using a spreadsheet programme. (Google Sheets)
Develop a clear statement based on our graphed data and share our learning on our learning blogs.

In Room 1 we had to do a statistical investigation going off information obtained via page 96 in our Dragon Maths. These are the results:

 Bar Graph                                                                                                         Tally Chart
Jun 12, 2017 12:21:03 PM.jpg



Screenshot 2017-06-13 at 12.02.10 PM.png

Levi recorded the amount of runs he got at the cricket tournament. The graph and tally chart above show that he usually got in between 20 and 29 runs. Also, almost never got in between 0 and 9 runs.

                                                                  Pie Chart

 Jun 12, 2017 12:23:33 PM.jpg

 Screenshot 2017-06-13 at 12.02.03 PM.png

Stephanie tallied up the ages of students at the holiday park. If the data in the pie chart and tally chart are correct, over 50 percent of people there are in between 6 and 11. While few people were in between 15 and 17. I would like to know why the holiday park is so unpopular at older ages.